Course Features

Course Features

We arrange appropriate comprehensive activity curriculum according to the guidelines of the Education Bureau for curriculum development that feature use of games across all aspects of children-centred learning based on students’ interests and life experience. We enable children to experience in person so that they can learn happily, communicate skillfully, make hold innovations and dare to undertake responsibilities, develop their unique potentials and gain balanced and all-round development in “morality, intelligence, physical ability, sociability, aesthetic feeling and spirit”.

‘Thematic’ and ‘project-based’ approaches are the main modes of teaching. Other ways of learning include ‘experimental’ and ‘mixed-age’ approaches to provide opportunities for children to acquire knowledge and gain different learning experiences through action and actual participation.  Through cross-age interaction, children are led to guide the peers besides attaining the learning effect of mutual simulation.

Records of children’s learning achievements are kept of through continuous observations, and teaching review is carried out accordingly so that the assessment results are more in line with children’ actual development, which can effectively help teachers and parents in assisting children in their development.

We uphold the mission of the church to preach the gospel and follow the example of Jesus Christ to nurture our children to love life, be optimistic, care for and help others. We offer Christian education to develop our children’s ethics, intellect, physique, social skills, aesthetics and spirituality and lay a solid foundation for their life-long learning.

Our professional teachers for individual differences in learning, attach importance to children’s emotional expression, care for students’ families, promote the culture of parent-child care for communities, appreciation program and hold diversified or outdoor activities regularly.

Joining the On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services. And Resident Social Worker provides individual game therapy, social groups, and focus groups for students in need.

Regular Parents’ Meetings, School Announcements, Facebook Page, Students’ Handbooks, Parents’ Class Visits, Phones Contact and Interviews with Individual Parents to strengthen mutual communication; Questionnaires designed to collect parents’ opinions and views, more diversified parent-child activities, and use of outside resources to enrich children’s life experience.

Support to non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students - Arrange interpretation/translation services; engage NCS parent volunteers to enhance communication between school and parents; create an enriched language environment for mastery of the Chinese language; create an inclusive learning environment to facilitate students’ integration; collaborate with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to create an inclusive learning environment; facilitate professional development for teachers to develop effective strategies to help NCS students learn Chinese.