School Intro

School Intro

School sponsoring body : Kowloon City Baptist Church

School Background : Non-profit-making kindergartens that have participated in the government pre-school free quality education kindergarten program

Year of establishment : 1976

Religion : Christian

Name of School Supervisor:MR LAI TAT KEUNG VICTOR
Name of School Principal:MS YIP MEI YEE STELLA

Enrollment requirements

1. Uphold the church’s mission of preaching the gospel, so that students can know Jesus Christ.

2. Take Jesus Christ as an example to teach students to love life, be proactive, to develop their potential, and then contribute to society.

3. Follow the government’s education policy and act in accordance with the will of the school board.

4. Let students learn in an ideal learning environment, so that they can achieve a balanced development in all aspects of “morality, intelligence, physical, social, beauty, and spiritual” and actively learn in a harmonious atmosphere.

5. Efforts to establish a good school spirit to cultivate students’ pure character and the virtues of being caring and willing to serve others.

6. Cultivate correct citizenship, build self-confidence and the ability to participate in social services.